Draw death

• S C E N E •

PALETO. – Zone 658

• A N A T O M Y •

Lelutka Evo X – Briannon 3.0

The Shops – Legacy

persephone + Phoebe Skin – Olive Tone @ RITUAL

Bossie. – Foxy Eyebrows Shave

Rekt Royalty – Nick EvoX

Top1Salon – HD Peri Lipstick Matte @ Blanc

Bipolar – Everyday Soft Makeup

.Nar Mattaru. – Dark Arts

Ascendant – Maryl Nails @ Kinky

• S T Y L E •

*katat0nik* – Cali Hat

Stealthic – Clarity

.random.Matter. – Caithe Collar

-Pixicat- Brook Dress

Ladybird. // Sibyl Tarot Card @ Anthem

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